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Age of Digital Streaming Audiences Across the Globe

Posted by Elliot Tousley on
Age of Digital Streaming Audiences Across the Globe

Streaming Services Are A Data Collection Tool.

Using streaming services as a tool to grow your music platform and acquire data on WHO is listening to you, from WHERE, and WHO ELSE they're listening to is imperative to a modern music business.

This demographic data is the main ingredient to what will become the recipe of reaching your unique target audience.

The flip side of the target audience coin is knowing what types of listeners are on what platform and knowing how to reach different people in different places.


Age of digital streaming audiences across the globe | De Novo Agency


In this graph we see that the most prevalent age group of users on streaming platforms is 25-34 years old. If you are a musician whose audience is in a younger age bracket, perhaps a marketing emphasis on Tiktok, where the majority of users are younger, would make more sense for you.

If you have a fanbase of people who tend to be in their 40's or 50's, it might make more sense for you to target people on Facebook.

Either way you need to create a way of obtaining the information needed to form your unique target audience in the first place. We can provide you with A TON of free tools and tips that you can use to build and identify a target audience and then craft effective ads to reach them as part of our FREE DNA Toolkit.

Download your FREE Toolkit and let us know how else we can help you find your audience and grow your music business.

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