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Everything You Need to Know About the DNA Artist Development Program

Posted by Elliot Tousley on
Everything You Need to Know About the DNA Artist Development Program - De Novo Agency

DNA Artist Development Program - How Does It Work?


Our Artist Development Program can help YOU find and build a target audience on Spotify with our guaranteed 100% verifiable Artist Development Plan.


Spotify Outreach Program | De Novo Agency


De Novo Agency focuses on data-drive music marketing because the NUMBERS DON'T LIE!


In our program we will place three of your songs each in sets of 4-6 playlists on Spotify that are able to promote almost any genre.


Each song will remain in front of around 40,000 people for a full 30 days - often times the curators choose to leave the songs on longer if they perform well!



Three weeks into this program you will receive a FREE 30 minute consultation with our Attorney & Marketing Specialist to go over your unique data and show you how to craft a personal target audience out of it.


This user data is 100% verifiable in both Spotify for Artists and whoever you're using as a distributor for TWO third-party authentications.


Take these demographics from your campaign and leverage them into more effective ads on Facebook and Instagram - create a buzz that organically grows itself once the Spotify algorithm KNOWS WHO YOUR FANS ARE.


We can help you turn a music hobby into a profitable music business.


Learn more, and enroll, here:


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  • Goalboyop on

    I need my song to be global

  • Ju’Duh Man on

    Need help finding that engineer That’s patient and willing to work with a flex schedule

  • Michael Gassin on

    I’m in need of marketing and promotion’s in a major way ? I’m seeking that right team and or team member to help me do this the right way ?

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