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Better Understand the Spotify Algorithm

Posted by Elliot Tousley on
Better Understand the Spotify Algorithm - De Novo Agency

How Does The Spotify Algorithm Work?

The Spotify algorithm is KEY when it comes to generating organic buzz on Spotify. If you have buzz already, the algorithm is what will catapult your music business to the next level.


Spotify doesn’t come right out and say everything there is to know about the algorithm, but what is inherently known is that it’s fueled entirely by USER DATA.

The algorithm responds to behavior from us, the consumers. Spotify’s job is to find new music for their subscribers, so they don’t just throw random songs in front of folks and HOPE that they like it.


De Novo Agency | Better Understand the Spotify Algorithm

The songs they select to place in front of people are flagged by their algorithm based on a ton of data.

If X% of your fans like Artist A & B, the algorithm will suggest that your songs be paired up with similar songs in playlists like Release Radar, then it measures the retention rate of users in those playlists to see how many of them saved your song.

If it’s a good amount, then the algorithm increases the size of the audience in places you in front of.


Long story short, the algorithm is always adapting to user data, and it’s your job as an artist to find ways to feed the algorithm the data it needs. Our program can help you do exactly this.

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