Outreach Program

How It Works

The Spotify Outreach Program uses our independent curator network to organically place your music in front of thousands of listeners.  We use these playlists to collect data on specific target audiences and to create more growth for music businesses. We proudly guarantee that 100% of the streaming data produced in this program will be verifiable on Spotify for Artists.

Step One: music submission

Upon ordering you will submit your music to us so we can analyze it and ensure that we have an audience that fits your specific sound.

Step two: analysis

We look at characteristics like studio quality, marketability, mood, etc. to find the best fit for you within our curator network.

Step Three: Placement

Once your music is accepted, we work with our playlist curator partners to get your music posted on Spotify within 72 hours.

Step Four: Data Collection

Information about who is listening to your music from where will begin pouring into your Spotify for Artists account.

Step Five: Consultation

Our co-founders get on a phone call with you to dive deep into your specific results & streaming data.

Step Six: Next Steps

Use the data and momentum you've built as leverage to create growth for your music business.


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