Personalized Client Management

There are no one sized fits all strategies that work for every entertainer. Finding a devoted team that truly knows how to help you put together your pieces to the puzzle, find your specific target audience, and maximize the effectiveness of your content and advertising accounts.


How your audience perceives your brand is everything. Brands adapt, so do your fans, we can help you create a powerful brand identity that remains current and visible.


We will help you build out a robust advertising machine that efficiently places your content in front of the right people and gets them to answer your call-to-action.


Knowing how to book and successfully capitalize on gigs can be what separates those who 'make it' and those who don't. We will make sure you protect your business along the way.


You might not have to be posting on every single social platform every single day, we will help you create a content release strategy that makes sense for your career and lifestyle.


Each month we will help you use data and insights from your social platforms to paint a clearer picture of your audience and to make better informed business decisions.

No Stress

Whether you are building the foundation to your business, or you're getting ready for your 100th performance, we do management for a flat fee each month. Want to stop the service? Just give us 30 days notice.


Additional client services Available

Website Development

Take the hassel out of designing and launching a new website and have our team custom build you a website that can take your career to the next level.

Content Creation

Don't have time to edit videos into clips for social media? Need to supplement the content you already have? Our team can streamline this for you.


If you want more than a one hour consultation each month, we can do that. We can custom build our plans based on what you need us for.

Month-to-Month Business Management

Month-to-Month Business Management

Regular price$399.00
  • Flat fee business management
  • No minimum or maximum ad spend required
  • No commitment, just 30 day notice for cancellations
  • Craft an on-going unique brand and content strategy
  • Manage multiple ad platforms
  • Monthly video consultations
  • Ad spend not included


Who We Work With


Seriously learned so much by working with you guys.

Mario Canon

Y'all come thru every single time

Grizzy Hendrix

De Novo was an important ingredient in my music marketing recipe while I was starting out.

King Trey

Elliot helped me put together a custom plan for my release and it was very effective.

Joshua Benoit

James has been a vital piece in learning how to protect my music business.

Scooter Page

Elliot was extremely helpful! I needed a plan from where I’m standing musically and he was able and enthusiastic about guiding me!


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