Music Industry Bootcamp

LIVE Webinar with De Novo Agency co-founders Elliot Tousley & attorney James Landry.

There is no one 'right way' to make it big in the music business. What it comes down to is figuring out what works best for you and, more importantly, your audience.

Our Music Industry Bootcamp is your chance to get direct access to an entertainment attorney AND a marketing professional in one stop.

This event is designed to last at least 2 hours and is meant to be heavily focused on Q&A. Because of this, limited 'seating' is available.

Music Marketing


Learn how Spotify's algorithm works and what it's really looking for


Understand what a trademark is and how it can benefit your business


How is your music protected and what options for further protection are available


Learn how to leverage your audience as a tool to make more money

Music Industry Bootcamp LIVE Webinar

Thursday, July 28th
6:30 pm eastern

  • Q&A with attorney James Landry
  • Learn how Spotify works with Elliot Tousley
  • How to monetize your music business
  • Live 2 hour+ event held on Google Meet
  • Max capacity of 35

$99 per ticket

Music Industry Bootcamp LIVE Webinar
Elliot Tousley and James Landry | De Novo Agency Cofounders
Our Story

De Novo cofounders Elliot Tousley and James Landry went to college together in New Hampshire.

After James finished law school he and Elliot started working together on Elliot's own music, learning to record, booking shows, and trying to navigate the industry.

What they learned along the way, both what to do and what NOT to do, is what fuels the insight they now offer to musicians across the world.

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What Our Clients Say


Seriously learned so much by working with you guys.

Mario Canon

Y'all come thru every single time

Grizzy Hendrix

De Novo was an important ingredient in my music marketing recipe while I was starting out.

King Trey

Elliot helped me put together a custom plan for my release and it was very effective.

Joshua Benoit

James has been a vital piece in learning how to protect my music business.

Scooter Page

Elliot was extremely helpful! I needed a plan from where I’m standing musically and he was able and enthusiastic about guiding me!