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Facebook & Instagram Advertising +


Facebook & Instagram Advertising +

This is a full service targeted advertising campaign across Facebook & Instagram that delivers verifiable insights on your social pages. Ad spend is included.

Here you will be able to have an initial face-to-face Zoom call with our co-founders, James Landry and Elliot Tousley, to get your social media pages set up correctly with our ad platform and to coordinate a successful custom strategy going forward.

We want to help you select the best content you have available to promote, write the ad copy & call-to-action, and build unique audiences to target.

No passwords or added payment information will be needed from you once you order your campaign. All you will have to do is add us as an advertising partner to your Facebook & IG accounts.

We get you set up on the Zoom call with Elliot & James and launch your campaign. You will start seeing ad activity on your social pages after about 48 hours.

Your ad spend is included in the service and once you are in the program with us there is no limit to the ad spend you can use going forward.

Detailed reporting is given to you and reviewed on a consultation phone call as your campaign gets into its fourth week.

Best way to promote your business if you are a(n):

  • Producer
  • Audio Engineer
  • Songwriter
  • Record Label
  • Recording Studio
  • Graphic Designer
  • Venue/Performance

Once you're a part of the campaign here it is easy for us to put together custom packages for almost whatever budget you want going forward.  We can put together a custom plan as part of your consultation call.