Reach your audience
on social media

How It Works

Knowing your target audience is the lion's share of the problem when it comes to solving social media ads. Our team will help you put together a pin-point audience and make sure your message hits the right people on the right platform.

Step One: Discovery Call

The more we know about you and your audience the better. First step is getting on a call to make sure your campaign is set up for success.

Step two: Targetting

We analyze as much information we can off of your Spotify and social profiles to help you hone-in on your specific target audience.

Step Three: Launch

When we receive the content you're looking to run as an ad, we aim that at the target audience on the desired platform and launch the campaign.

Step Four: Data Collection

Information about who is engaging with your content will begin pouring in.

Step Five: Consultation

Our co-founders get on a phone call with you to dive deep into your specific results & streaming data.

Step Six: Next Steps

Use the data and momentum you've built as leverage to create growth for your music business.

Trusted by Independent Artists


Not only are the results there but when you get to speak with Elliott as part of the program he helps you understand why the data is the way that it is and how best to read it.

Caleb Weiler

If you are starting out your music career and don't know how to get exposure or promote yourself, this is the place to start, grow, and build your success as an artist

Joey Economics

You get what you pay for in terms of service. They are always there to help you and even set up phone calls with you. Would highly recommend you try it out. Super satisfied thus far.

TW11N Music
New York

I took the chance on De Novo Agency, and I am pleased to say that they are trustworthy and have delivered nothing but legitimate streams

Malcolm Hazel
New Jersey

De Novo Agency is pretty awesome and from my own experience, I love suggesting it to my clients since I am able to share what they can expect. Highly recommend



Yes! We know that music marketing services have a notorious history, to say the least. This is why we guarantee that all of the activity that results from these social media advertisements will be verifiable through the ad analytics of the platform - meaning you don't have to just take our word for it.

The truth is, NO ONE can guarantee that an audience full of real human beings will listen to your song or click your link an exact number of times.

Nope! We built these campaigns with ad spend built in. This is a simple one time flat fee service.

You will receive a confirmation email when we receive your order. Next, you will be sent an invite to schedule your discovery call.

Absolutely. Part of the discovery call is helping you make or choose the right piece of content to run on each social platform.

We can make the landing page whatever you'd like. It can point to your social profiles, a music video, a linktree, your Spotify page, or whatever you want.

Each platform has its own regulations on what they deem is 'adult content' and against their advertising policies.

These platforms are likely to turn down your content if it is explicit.

Nope! We built this in a way where we are able to run the ads from a third-party and point them to wherever you want. We do not need to be signed into your profiles.

Absolutely! Our campaigns include a phone consultation with our co-founders, Elliot & James, where they help you go over your campaign and build a strategy going forward.

Nope! We work on a simple flat-fee basis and allow artists to keep everything they earn while working with us.