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De Novo Agency® started in 2017 working with musicians who were trying to get their businesses off of the ground and break their way into the industry. We worked on over 4,000 different marketing campaigns from 2017-2022, worked with hundreds of artists, and specialized in expanding the brands of these artists and pin-pointing their specific target audience.


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The hard truth is, marketing today on social media and Google is a total crapshute. Musicians aren't the only ones who need clarity in the constantly changing landscape that is online advertising. The same marketing, branding, and advertising expertise that we offered to musicians for years, we thought, should be offered to entertainers of all kinds.

Presently, De Novo Agency has expanded from working solely with musicians and has added marketing solutions for stand-up comedians, podcasters, content creators, and live events.

Our job is to help entertainers cut through the noise online, build a powerful brand, reach targeted super fans, and scale their businesses.

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Elliot Tousley and James Landry | De Novo Agency Cofounders
Our Story

De Novo cofounders Elliot Tousley and James Landry went to college together in New Hampshire and graduated in 2014.

The two combine their expertise to help entertainers protect and grow their careers.

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Who We Work With


Seriously learned so much by working with you guys.

Mario Canon

Y'all come thru every single time

Grizzy Hendrix

De Novo was an important ingredient in my music marketing recipe while I was starting out.

King Trey

Elliot helped me put together a custom plan for my release and it was very effective.

Joshua Benoit

James has been a vital piece in learning how to protect my music business.

Scooter Page

Elliot was extremely helpful! I needed a plan from where I’m standing musically and he was able and enthusiastic about guiding me!


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