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At De Novo Agency, we celebrate the artists' talent and dedication. Our role is to provide insightful guidance in the music industry, not to take credit for their achievements. We pride ourselves on empowering artists with knowledge and strategy. If our support contributes even 1% to their success, we are deeply honored to be part of their journey.

Artist & Actor
Mario Canon

With a solid foundation in the industry and appearances on shows like "Empire," Mario was ready to elevate his music career.

De Novo Agency provided a multi-pronged approach to support Mario's goals:

  • Playlist Placement: Assisted in securing spots for Mario's tracks on curated Spotify playlists, enhancing his music's reach.
  • Strategic Coaching: Offered bespoke coaching sessions to fine-tune Mario's approach to music marketing.
  • Networking Strategy: Guided Mario on how to effectively network, which played a pivotal role in securing a feature with the acclaimed artist Twista.

"Working with Elliot at De Novo Agency gave me the clarity I needed to make the most of my feature with Twista. His guidance was instrumental in turning that opportunity into a launching pad for more success." - Mario Canon

Hip-Hop Artist

As an independent artist, KINGTrey faced the daunting task of planning and executing the rollout of his 2020 album, "Vision." The challenge was to maximize exposure and engagement in a saturated market, ensuring his music reached the ears of potential fans and industry players alike.

De Novo Agency stepped in to provide KINGTrey with a multi-faceted approach to his album release. Our services included:

  • Playlist Pitching: We helped KINGTrey's music gain traction by securing spots on relevant Spotify playlists, increasing his streams and listener base.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Our targeted ad campaigns on social media platforms amplified his presence and connected with a broader audience.
  • Coaching Sessions: Through numerous coaching sessions, we equipped KINGTrey and his team with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of the music industry effectively.

Reflecting on the experience, KINGTrey stated, "De Novo Agency taught me and my team a lot about how to navigate the music industry when I was still on the come up. Their insight is great for any artist looking to get into this game."

Country Artist
Amanda Stewart

Despite her talent and the critical acclaim for her music, Amanda faced the universal challenge of every up-and-coming artist: expanding her audience and securing more show bookings.

De Novo Agency stepped in with a tailored approach to amplify Amanda's reach. We crafted a customized album rollout plan that leveraged playlist placements to target and build a dedicated fanbase. Our coaching sessions provided Amanda with the strategic insights necessary to navigate the complexities of the music industry.

The collaboration with De Novo Agency led to a significant increase in Amanda's audience engagement. The strategic use of playlists not only introduced her music to new listeners but also helped in identifying a core fanbase that resonated with her unique sound. The insights gained from the coaching sessions translated into a series of successful show bookings, further cementing her presence in the music scene.

Reflecting on the partnership, Amanda Stewart shares, "Working with De Novo Agency opened new doors for my music career. Their expertise in the industry and personalized guidance helped me to not only reach new audiences but also to understand the business side of music. I'm grateful for the opportunities that have come my way thanks to their support."

Rock 'n Roll Band
Mister Green

Mr. Green, an innovative group known for their genre-blending sound, made waves with their debut album, capturing the attention of listeners and industry insiders alike. Their collaboration with Tom Morello, the iconic guitarist from Rage Against the Machine, on their hit song, marked a significant milestone in their burgeoning career.

Recognizing the unique opportunity at hand, De Novo Agency provided comprehensive coaching calls to navigate the complexities of the music industry and a robust playlist pitching campaign to enhance their online presence. Our strategic guidance was tailored to leverage Mr. Green's collaboration with Tom Morello, positioning them for optimal impact.

The partnership with De Novo Agency led to a successful album rollout, with their music gaining significant traction across streaming platforms. The playlist pitching campaign not only boosted their streams but also introduced their eclectic sound to a broader audience, setting the stage for sustained growth and recognition.

"De Novo Agency was instrumental in the successful launch of our debut album," reflects Mr. Green. "Their expertise in coaching and playlist pitching helped us navigate our release with confidence, especially given the high stakes of working with a legend like Tom Morello. We're thrilled with the results and the new fans we've gained along the way."

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Seriously learned so much by working with you guys.

Mario Canon

Y'all come thru every single time

Grizzy Hendrix

De Novo was an important ingredient in my music marketing recipe while I was starting out.

King Trey

De Novo helped me put together a custom plan for my release and it was very effective.

Joshua Benoit

De Novo was extremely helpful! I needed a plan from where I’m standing musically and he was able and enthusiastic about guiding me!


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