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There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all pathway to success in the entertainment business. Our job is to guide you through the process of finding what advertising strategies work best for you, your audience, and your business.

Who we are

De Novo Agency®

We provide clarity to entertainers and entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses.


Find your audience

Face-to-face management custom built to take you from where you are to where you deserve to be.


Capture Attention

We will help you continuously manage a robust marketing system across multiple platforms.


Scale Your Business

Have a full agency on your side and build the leverage you need to book more gigs.

Social Media Ad Management

* Personalized business management built around you and your unique goals.

* Create a content strategy across multiple platforms.

* Build a concise, effective brand message that resonates with your audience.

* Consistent contact throughout the month, a 60 minute video consultation, and a maximum of 2 business days response time to your messages.

* Create a robust marketing strategy including setting-up, running, and managing your ads across multiple platforms.

We work with artists, music managers, and record label owners to help find unique target audiences and convert targeted listeners into fans.
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Increase online visibility, grow your audience, and create leverage that you can use to negotiate while booking your next gig.
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Content Creators
Podcasters, YouTubers, Streamers, Entrepreneurs, or anyone looking to increase their awareness and grow an audience online.
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Live & Virtual Events
Reach the right people on the right platforms and engage with the people most likely to purchase a ticket to your in-person or virtual event.
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I was signed to Young Money with Lil Wayne and I was signed to G-Unit with 50 Cent. I had success, but wanted to be independent. My partnership with DNA has allowed me to do this effectively.

Kidd Kidd promo photo
Kidd Kidd

I've worked with De Novo Agency to run a two week, one month, and a two month playlist campaign. I've been very impressed and satisfied with the results. De Novo Agency is the only company i've found so far to guarantee real, active, authentic and non-bots operated playlists.

Mawule promo photo black and white

DNA placed me in 7 playlists on Spotify and about ten days later I was organically added to 30 more! I was in front of 900k listeners and earned 100k streams in less than a month!

CURTI$Y promo photo

I've been around the industry for a long time. I was on tour with Lady Gaga for 6 years and learned a lot about what NOT to do. DNA breaks it down and gives it to me straight every time, and it's refreshing.

David Lei Brandt headshot promo photo
David Lei Brandt

Their Products work! No gimmicks, legit marketing agency. If you’re an artist in need of a platform to help you grow , De Novo Agency is the way to go!

Jelani The Babe LSD single artwork
Jelani The Babe

Love DNA and what these guys are doing. If you are starting out your music career and don't know how to get exposure or promote yourself, this is the place to start, grow, and build your success as an artist.

Joey Economics Substance album artwork
Joey Economics

"I’m skeptical of music services that claim they provide real data and aren’t scams. I’ve been doing music for 5 years and tried to find ways to help myself grow as an independent artist. De Novo has been a game changer."

A'Niche Promo Photo

"A solid duo to have in your corner. Their insight on numbers as well as the hands on approach and coaching is all top tier. They provide structural foundation that independent artists need to complement their creative work. 10/10 recommended"

Jheru Promo Photo

Press about us

Elliot and James bring personal care and attention to their artists and that’s what helps them stand out from the crowd.


Landry & Tousley Have Artists’ Best Interests In Their ‘DNA’

This Is 50

De Novo has experienced friction amongst other industry insiders for ruining their chance to make money off of musicians who didn’t know any better.


The proof is in the pudding as they don’t ask for an ounce of royalties from the entirety of their roster.

Hype Magazine

James is adamant about not taking royalties from his clients. His artist-forward mindset permeates throughout all of his business dealings.


Tousley focuses on artist development, logical considering he’s an artist himself. This adds a dimension to De Novo Agency that makes the business half of the music business feel a little less foreign to prospective clients.

Hip Hop Since 1987

DNA is disrupting the music industry by allowing artists to maintain control of their business and royalties while receiving the benefits that record labels offer.

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