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Create a Target Audience

We help artists cultivate a targeted fanbase across Spotify, YouTube, and our Blog Partner websites.


Build a Marketing Strategy

We craft custom marketing plans for your music business based on the data we receive & your goals.


Grow a Music Business

Whether you're an Artist, Manager, or a Record Label the DNA team aims to be your long-term partner.


I was signed to Young Money with Lil Wayne and I was signed to G-Unit with 50 Cent. I had success, but wanted to be independent. My partnership with DNA has allowed me to do this effectively.

"DNA placed me in 7 playlists on Spotify and about ten days later I was organically added to 30 more! I was in front of 900k listeners and earned 100k streams in less than a month!"

"I've worked with De Novo Agency to run a two week, one month, and a two month playlist campaign. I've been very impressed and satisfied with the results. De Novo Agency is the only company i've found so far to guarantee real, active, authentic and non-bots operated playlists."

"I've been around the industry for a long time. I was on tour with Lady Gaga for 6 years and learned a lot about what NOT to do. DNA breaks it down and gives it to me straight every time, and it's refreshing."

"Their Products work! No gimmicks, legit marketing agency. If you’re an artist in need of a platform to help you grow , De Novo Agency is the way to go!"

"Love DNA and what these guys are doing. If you are starting out your music career and don't know how to get exposure or promote yourself, this is the place to start, grow, and build your success as an artist."

"I’m skeptical of music services that claim they provide real data and aren’t scams. I’ve been doing music for 5 years and tried to find ways to help myself grow as an independent artist. De Novo has been a game changer."

"A solid duo to have in your corner. Their insight on numbers as well as the hands on approach and coaching is all top tier. They provide structural foundation that independent artists need to complement their creative work. 10/10 recommended"

"Stop being afraid to take your CAREER TO THE NEXT LEVEL! They will NOT run bots on your tracks, they are 100% verifiable & worth every penny! I WILL work with them on a consistent basis from here on out!"

"Elliot and James are very helpful and full of knowledge. The response time is very professional and the prices are competitive. I'd definitely recommend this to any artist looking to reach new audiences."

"What drew me to them from the start is how transparent James and Elliot are. It was such a relief to find honest people offering legit music services online that work and not having to guess if you're dealing with a robot or real person"

"Excellent!! Love these guys awesome great legit marketing services! I’m so glad i am working with them and will continue much more to come of a long term business relationship! Elliot and James are awesome guys that care and want you to win"

"The stats were 100% legit. The consultation call helped me as well with targeting the right area of people and getting my music actually out there."

"The DNA Agency is the top of the chain. If its promotion with Spotify, Youtube, or writing a press release this company delivers. One of the stand outs besides the results of they’re campaigns is, the hands on experience you receive from the founders."

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