YouTube Video Ad Campaign | ~25,000 Views - De Novo Agency
Music Video Growth Campaign - De Novo Agency
Music Video Growth Campaign - De Novo Agency
Music Video Growth Campaign - De Novo Agency
Music Video Growth Campaign - De Novo Agency
Music Video Growth Campaign - De Novo Agency

YouTube Video Ad Campaign | ~25,000 Views

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Advertising on YouTube can be fantastic when you know the audience you're trying to hit. Part of this campaign includes a targeting optimization process where we make sure we are pin-pointing who sees your content where.  We don't want to aim your video at anyone anywhere and just hope for the best.  All we need from you is a little bit of targeting information to get us pointed in the right direction and then our team can ensure we hit that audience in the most effective and cost efficient way.


  • 30 day campaign.

  • Viewing analytics will all be verifiable in your YouTube Creator Studio.

  • All of the information about who watches your video from where will be available on the analytics of your channel.
  • 100% verifiable data guarantee, 'views' only count if a user watches for 30 seconds or more.

  • Google does have a relatively strict policy on 'adult content' when it comes to being approved as a promotion on YouTube. Things like language, depicting alcohol or drug use, depicting violence, partial nudity, or anything they deem as 'shocking' will cause Google to deny your advertisement.

  •  If you submit a video that drastically goes against these guidelines and Google rejects your video you may be subject to a $75 submission fee.

  • Payment plan available at no added cost with ZIP - see it on our checkout page.

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Who This Campaign Is For

This campaign is most effective for clients who already have some understanding of who their target audience is or might be.  Running ads on YouTube to find your target audience is not very effective - if you are looking to find your target audience we recommend starting out with a Spotify campaign. YouTube advertising is super effective at finding and hitting the right viewers if we know who we are looking for.
100% verifiable results

Authenticity is everything when it comes to marketing your music.

This is why all of our campaigns come with our 100% verifiable data guarantee.

Viewing data from your campaign will be able to be verified directly in your YouTube Channel Analytics.