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Music Video

How It Works

Our targeted YouTube Campaign uses the highly effective Google Ad Suite to push your music video in front of your exact target audience. We use an assortment of different ad types like: non-skippable, skippable, display, bumper, and sponsored cards to hit your target audience in different places at different times. All of the viewing data will be 100% verifiable on your YouTube channel's Analytics page.

Step One: Submission

Upon ordering we set up the specific targeting for your video and submit the campaign to Google.

Step two: acceptance

After submitting the advertisement to Google it can take 1-3 days for them to accept & run the campaign.

Step Three: Advertise

Once the video advertisements are accepted, Google will begin placing your content in front of your target audience.

Step Four: Data Collection

Info about who is watching your video from where will begin pouring into your YouTube channel's analytics page.

Step Five: Consultation

Our co-founders get on a phone call with you to dive deep into your specific results & data.

Step Six: Next Steps

Use the data and momentum you've built as leverage to create growth for your music business.

Trusted by independent artists


This is amazing for independent musicians to take their career into their hands when they feel helpless. Thank you De Novo!

Angela Bachman

Not only are they 100% authentic, they take the time to schedule calls with you to discuss results and strategy moving forward, plus honestly, the guys are dope.

G Rhodz

De Novo Agency are essential for independent artists and musicians that are looking to promote their music in a legit and effective way

Eddy Vargas
New York

The consultation call was extremely valuable and allowed me to gain a detailed understanding of the best release plan for my specific project


I've very much enjoyed connecting with them on both a personal and professional level, and I look forward to building a long-standing partnership with De Novo Agency over the years.



We are able to guarantee that all of the views and engagement earned in this promotion will be 100% verifiable in Google Ads and on your YouTube channel analytics.

Once we receive your submission, we set up a campaign in our Google Ad account and hone-in on the target audience you're going after.

Google can take a few days to review and accept the campaign on their end. If they accept the campaign it will begin running very soon after.

This can sometimes take 3-4 days.

If Google is unwilling to run your ad, for whatever reason, you will be issued a refund.

Google is strict on what they allow to run as an advertisement. Anything they deem as 'shocking' or as 'adult' they can and will likely reject.

Swears, alcohol, drugs, anything sexual can all lead to a rejection.

You are still able to post and have your video on Youtube, you just may not be able to use that video as an advertisement.

You will be invited to schedule your phone consultation with the De Novo Agency co-founders during the third week of your campaign.

No. We work on a flat-fee basis to be as artist friendly as we can. Whatever this campaign leads to, you keep 100% of what you earn.

The data generated by those who watch your advertisement on YouTube will be able to be seen right on your own YouTube Channel's analytics page.

We will help you go over all of the data you see on your included consultation call.