How It Works

Our targeted YouTube Campaign uses the highly effective Google Ad Suite to push your music video in front of your exact target audience. We use an assortment of different ad types like: non-skippable, skippable, display, bumper, and sponsored cards to hit your target audience in different places at different times. All of the viewing data will be 100% verifiable on your YouTube channel's Analytics page.

Step One: Submission

Upon ordering we set up the specific targeting for your video and submit the campaign to Google.

Step two: acceptance

After submitting the advertisement to Google it can take 1-3 days for them to accept & run the campaign.

Step Three: Advertise

Once the video advertisements are accepted, Google will begin placing your content in front of your target audience.

Step Four: Data Collection

Info about who is watching your video from where will begin pouring into your YouTube channel's analytics page.

Step Five: Consultation

Our co-founders get on a phone call with you to dive deep into your specific results & data.

Step Six: Next Steps

Use the data and momentum you've built as leverage to create growth for your music business.


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