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When it comes to being an independent artist, the whole name of the game is getting your music in front of as many fans/potential fans as possible. For artists all around the world, they quickly learn that the world of distribution is both tough and costly. These fees cause a burden and understanding all of them and their full magnitude is a major pain point for artists.

Artists just want to be heard.

There has to be a simpler way.

Say no more, because now there is an easier and cheaper way. We happily introduce you to Songflowr, the artist-friendly music distribution company. Instead of navigating complex distribution agreements, or trying to calculate the lifetime costs of these royalties deals, Songflowr makes it simple. How does a one time, low-cost fee, and then retaining 100% of the royalties sound to you?

Good? Amazing, we're glad you agree.

Before we get to far down the benefits path, let's take a step back for those who need a refresher and examine what it is that you get with a distribution partner.

What Do Music Distribution Companies Do?

This question may seem grand, or even complex. So, for starters let's keep it simple. A music distributor makes an artist's music accessible to the general population. Sounds simple right? Well, it is and it isn't.

Expanding on this simple explanation, distributor's essentially act as middlemen that take an artist's music and make it available for resale for stores and online marketplaces.

What Are the Issues with the Current Distribution Model?

The most fundamental issue with the current distribution model is that the current distributors are overcharging for this service. As we just pointed out in the previous section, essentially they are taking your music and giving it to the major platforms. They are a bouncer letting you into the club. Is this process really worth an arm and a leg?

They seem to think so.

To really drive the point home, want to know how costly this service can get? Okay, as with any business, the pricing can vary from company to company. But here are some of the troublesome variables you will see in pricing.

  • Several different pricing models (Ringtone's, Credits, Singles, Albums, Second Year Costs, etc.)
  • Annual Fee's
  • Royalties (Percentage of Your Sales)
  • Hidden Fees
  • Service Upgrades

These are just some of the variances that artists have to navigate when signing on with a distributor. In all honesty, as an independent artist, you should have legal representative look over anything before you sign on, but we digress.

Music Distribution Company

There has to be a better and an easier way to do this. We'll now there is.

Songflowr Gives Independent Artists Full Control Over Their Music

You read that correctly. With Songflowr, independent artists pay a one time fee and then they receive all of their earnings.

  • No Annual Fees
  • No Royalties
  • No Hidden Fees

Here is a full list of the costs for distribution through this new revolutionary platform.

  • $10 Per Single
  • $20 Per EP (2-6 Tracks)
  • $30 Per Album (7-20 Tracks)

That's it. Your music is up on your desired platforms for life, you never pay for this music to distributed again, and you never pay a single cent on any of the earnings.

Best Music Distributor Company

A lot of time's in life, you have to choose quality or price. That is not the case here.

Premium Capibilites with Songflowr

We'll admit, that when we heard of Songflowr's offering, we had the same skeptical thoughts. Sure, it's cheaper, but I must be getting a lower quality service. We took a deeper dive on just what you get with them as your distributor, and you're going to like what we found out.

Lifetime Distribution in Every Sense of the Phrase

When Songflowr tells you that you get lifetime distribution, they mean that in both the current sense and in the future. Currently, you will be able to put your music on over 100 streaming platforms. But even better still, if a new platform becomes available in the future, you can add your music to that with no additional fees. Wow.

Best Music Distribution Company

Easy Collaborations, Even on the Distribution Front

Look, doing songs with other artists (and producers) is a staple of the music industry. Your distribution partner should be there to make life easy on you, not to put a bunch of work on your plate. At Songflowr, they give you the functionality for automatic revenue splits making paying the artists you collaborate with simple. They put it best themselves:

"Just tell us who to pay, when, and how much to pay them. We’ll do the rest."

Simple, easy, and truly helpful as a partner to the independent artist.

Analytics & Reporting

We live in the world of data and the music industry is certainly not exempt from this. Getting your music on the right platforms and in front of the right audience is just the beginning of the battle.

Understanding how your music is performing, what platforms it performs on best, and who is listening to your music is an essential part of being a musician. The Songflowr User Dashboard collects all of this data and provides it to you in an easy and understandable way.

Protect Your Music with Songflowr

As a musician, your music is your intellectual property and it is crucial that you protect it. As with all of these other steps, Songflowr has looked for ways to make this easier for you.

When you use the Songflowr platform, you are connected to the World Library Publication registration which ensures you that no one else can upload your music without your permission. You get total protection as the final cherry on top.

How to Get Started with Songflowr?

For those of you who have made it this far and are looking to get started with this new platform, here's what you need to do. Getting started is as easy as getting signed up.

From there here are the simple steps.

  1. Upload your music
  2. Set up credit and payments to the appropriate people
  3. Choose your release date and which platforms you will release to
  4. View the data
  5. Receive the payments

Rinse, wash, repeat.

It really is that simple and you can take control back.

Get in Touch with Songflowr

For artists there are many choices, and the internet put more power than ever into the hands of artists and independent artists. For too long the business side of the industry took more than their fair share and that's more apparent than ever. Luckily, that really is all changing.

When it comes to music distribution, you shouldn't have to give up so much of your hard earned earnings. With Songflowr, you no longer have to. Check out their website and follow them on Instagram.

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