Most First Music Videos Fail (Here's How to Beat the Odds)

Tips on How to make a Music Video as a Beginner - De Novo Agency

The success of a music video is typically determined by how unique it is compared to every other music video that has ever been made. In addition, while it may appear to be enjoyable and straightforward at first, the difficulties associated with filming music videos extend beyond the purely practical. Music and movies are inextricably linked on a creative level.

However, music videos, whether on YouTube or another online platform, continue to be an essential Music marketing tool for artists, despite the rapid changes in the music and technology industries in recent years. You plan to shoot a music video using your voice or face, but you are not sure how to go about it because you are a complete novice.

Here's a List of Pointers You Can Use to Create an Adorable Music Video for Yourself.

Selecting the Proper Song

You might think that making a music video for your next song is the best course of action, but that may not always be the case. When choosing music, there are several crucial elements to consider. Here are a few examples:

Consider planning ahead of time, or you may even recycle anything that is no longer in style. It is practical to choose music that has previously gained popularity. Avoid selecting tracks that are longer than three minutes in duration since this will detract from the overall quality of your music video.

Make sure you understand the context of today's music industry, in which any song can be a single. Enlist the help of other musicians and producers whom you trust and who will provide you with honest feedback.

Take a Look at the Budget.

This is undoubtedly an essential item you need to focus on before producing a good music video. Remember that you do not have to invest a large sum of money to create a music video. Take into consideration everything, from the smallest to the largest, and everything in between.

The essential expenses to consider are:

  • The hiring of a crew.
  • The rental of a site and lighting.
  • The purchase of equipment.
  • The acquisition of editing tools.
  • The purchase of costumes.

These are significant financial commitments.

Consider the cost of additional batteries, adapters, flashlights, umbrellas, surge-protection devices, props, and seats, as well as food when planning for the smaller ones. There are a variety of scenarios that you must anticipate, and you must prepare remedies in advance. Make a habit of being equipped to troubleshoot issues as soon as they arise. When things go wrong, you need to be ready to deal with the unexpected consequences.

Making a Storyboard for Your Music Video's Concept

If you have a clear idea of what you want every shot to look like, the process of filming a music video will go a lot more smoothly. Creating storyboards for each image is standard procedure. This will guarantee that you do not forget anything and communicate your requirements to your employees.

Each scenario in the box should be sketched out, describing the scene beneath it. Produce a list of all of the gear and talent you will need for each shot after your storyboard is finished! Distribute your completed storyboard to everyone in the crew and discuss each photo with the good teams. Additionally, you should construct a timetable that specifies when and when will be needed.

Ensure that the props are perfect.

After completing the story and visuals for your music video, it is time for you to begin thinking about the accessories you will need throughout the filming part of the video production. It would be best if you correctly planned the actions in each scenario.

Your props will become far more comprehensive as a result. The support can either be rented from a prop rental company for a fee or obtained through word of mouth from friends if you don't have the financial means to purchase them.

Now is the time to shoot your music video.

When it comes to making a video, the most important thing is not to spend too much time on the actual filming. As a newcomer to this profession, you should avoid devoting significant time and resources to this project. Put up your best effort in this inventive and individual procedure. Before you start filming, make sure that musicians can provide a clear description of the music you will be using.

There are no microphones needed either because it is lip-synced. To do so, you will require portable speakers within your budget. Nobody can hear you conversing in the background of the movie, and there is no outside noise to distract you from your viewing experience. You will remove all of the additional sounds during the editing process.

To make a music video from various perspectives and include some odd pictures. First and foremost, shoot many takes, making sure to have a few from each perspective. This will provide you with some of the most innovative alternatives possible throughout the post-production stage of the film. Keep in mind that something unexpected may occur, as has already been mentioned.

Many unexpected things can occur during the filming process, so be prepared for this. As a result, be prepared to confront the difficulties.

Selecting the Most Appropriate Video Editing Software

When selecting a quality and feature-rich video editing application, you can always rely on the free online alternatives. Even a free online video editor may deliver high-quality editing without spending money. The bulk of these video editing tools is equipped with effects and filters. The intelligent application of these capabilities can give your film a distinctive look and feel that no one else can duplicate.

Nonetheless, the overall quality of your film will be determined entirely by the capabilities of your video editing software. Consider employing professional video editing if you want to receive high-quality output. It would be best to consider whether your digital gadget or computer could edit videos. However, when using a particular tool for this purpose, it does work well.

It's also important to remember that video editing may take up a significant amount of hard drive space. As a result, make sure your hard drive is free of clutter. Remove any clips that you will not be used in the future. When it comes to saving your photos, the fastest and most efficient option is to use an external hard drive.


You can shoot a music video in an indoor or outdoor location, and all of the following considerations are critical to making a successful video. Most significantly, it would be best to get your music heard in place for the planning, filming, and editing stages of a music video production so that you do not run into any difficulties during these critical stages of the display. As much as you have control over the concept of your music video, how it is shot can make a significant difference in how it turns out.