6 Steps to a Profitable Fanbase: E-Book

6 Steps to a Profitable Fanbase: E-Book - De Novo Agency

Artists are all in it for the music, but to make it a career, you do need to make money on that music. The De Novo Agency E-book, "6 Steps to a Profitable Fanbase", teaches you how to turn your music hobby into a career as an independent artist.

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In this depth guide on the in's and out's outs of the industry we teach you in a step-by-step guide the keys to growing, engaging, and winning over your fanbase.

Here are those 6 steps:

  1. Collect User Data on Spotify
  2. Find & Utilize Similar Artists
  3. Locate Similar Fan Bases
  4. Engage with Like Followers
  5. Create a Call-To-Action
  6. Drive Fans To Your Music

Simple enough right? Kidding, we know it's far more nuanced than just six bullet points. In this article, we take a look at a preview of the six points that we give to you in detail in our E-book.

1. Collect User Data on Spotify

Data drives the modern world with all of the technology at our disposal, and this is true in the music industry. Whether someone is trying to have high placement on Google through SEO, is trying to gain new followers on Instagram as an influencer, or they are an artist trying to grow their fanbase on Spotify, we all live in a world that is now dominated by algorithms.

Algorithms are proprietary, they are secret, and they all differ depending on the platforms. The key to understanding them is to always start by thinking about the User Experience (UX).

When it comes to understanding the Spotify algorithm, know this. Spotify's goal is to serve the right music to their listeners. Their goal is not to do artists' favors. Hate it or love it, that's the reality of the situation.

Your goal is to build up your results (data) on Spotify so that they are driven to add you to their curated playlists because they see you as a "value-add".

We tell you how to do this in our guide.

2. Find & Utilize Similar Artists

It's been said that there are no shortcuts to success and that's without a doubt true in the music industry. If there was a simple trick to appear in front of large groups of potential fans than everyone would be doing it.

The truth is, there is a lot of elbow grease and hard work required. A lot of music listeners are looking for similar artists to the ones that they already know and like. Again, we are looking at things from the User Experience perspective.

By using proper playlist placements, you should see your stats improve and thus signal to Spotify where you are having success. From here, you will see more and better placements from Spotify based on similar artists and thus you will see your following grow.

The momentum from here will build but it is on you to capitalize on it.

3. Locate Similar Fan Bases

Knowing your fan base and who your fans are is essential to creating a successful music career. Constantly releasing music with no strategy or plan is not a winning formula.

Instead, think about ways to deliver your content to different audiences and learn where you have the most success. Data is the ultimate indication and what works and what doesn't, and this strategy will allow you to find out who your audience is.

Social media platforms are powerful tools that will help you be able to identify what like artists are doing and what is resonating with their audience.

Find out more about this strategy in our E-book.

4. Engage With Like-Followers

Fans want to connect with artists. In 2021 that is easier to do than ever, but doing so meaningfully is crucial.

Social media is a great way to connect with music fans across the globe. That said, not all accounts on social media are made equal. You want to engage and connect with real fans. How do you know the right accounts to connect with? Our E-book tells you how.

5. Create a Call-To-Action

We don't want to be on other artists comment section just blindly begging for listeners. But, provided we've done step four and we have properly engaged with our audience, now we need to spur them into action.

In marketing, this is called a call-to-action or a CTA. Effectively, this is a creative push to turn your followers into fans. A golden rule to remember here is an un-engaged audience isn't really an artist at all.

In our E-book we tell you how to use CTA's to get your audience to listen to your music and become a fan.

6. Drive Fans to Your Music

This is hand and hand with your call-to-action. We referenced the user experience earlier and we're back to talk about it again. What would make you check out an artist that you had barely (if at all) ever heard of?

A lot of artists use the same generic language and claims in their bio's, posts, stories, etc. What will drive people to listen to your music? You need to brainstorm and test out different engaging CTAs to see what best resonates with your fanbase.

Remember that data is always your friend in the world we live in now. Test out different strategies for driving people to your music, track results, and keep hammering home on what works.

Take Your Independent Music Career to the Next Level

Making high-quality music is focus number one as an independent artist, but treating your music career as a business has to be focus 1b. A strong and effective marketing strategy is the key to becoming profitable and turning a music hobby into a career.

For many artists, their marketing efforts are done with the best intentions but they just need some direction. Our E-book, "6 Steps to a Profitable Fanbase", is the ultimate guide to help you accomplish that goal this year.

Start Your Music Business

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