Running Twitter Ads as a Musician

Running Twitter Ads as a Musician - De Novo Agency
Twitter Ads For Musicians

Twitter provides you with a great opportunity to grow and connect with your fan base. Tweeting is free, but investing in sponsored Twitter posts will help you elevate your game and subsequent results on the platform.

Recently, in our post "Running Ads on Instagram as a Musician", we started this conversation about social media advertising strategies. Today, we are building on that as we look at Twitter. Home to over 330 million active monthly users, this is another extremely valuable platform to invest on.

Standing out on Twitter is both a challenge and a rewarding one. In this great piece on Twitter statistics by Oberlo, they highlight two statistics that help illustrate this point.

  1. "500 million tweets are sent out per day."
  2. "40 percent of Twitter users carried out a purchase after seeing it on Twitter."

With this many tweets going out each day, it's an obviously crowded platform. That said, with 40 percent of users carrying out a purchase, it makes getting their attention worth the work.

So, with all of this in mind, let's turn our attention on how to create successful sponsored posts on Twitter.

Creating Goals for Your Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads for Musicians

As you will get used to us saying, creating ads with a goal in mind is the key to creating successful ads. When you start planning your Twitter ads, start by figuring out what you want to accomplish with your ads. Here are a few examples:

  • Grow your Twitter following
  • Grow your following on other social media platforms
  • Increase visits to your website
  • Grow your following on Spotify
  • Increase sales of your music and/or merchandise

You can have multiple goals going on at a time, and your goals will be tied to whatever you are working on at the moment. No matter what specific goals you have, your overarching goal is to grow your audience and these will all serve that purpose. However, by having targeted specific smaller goals will have you focused and on a more successful path.

Use Value Add Offers

We spent time on this in the previous article noted before, so we wont belabor the point. Offers are important because it's what the audience gets out of this whole exchange. Your job is to demonstrate value and deliver that to your audience. Create quality music and content and demonstrate to your audience that is what they will get when they click on your offer.

Write Compelling Ad Copy and Calls To Action (CTA)

This goes hand in hand with the point above. Your ad copy has to tell about the offer and make it interesting enough to garner a click. All good ads have a strong call to action. A good call to action spurs the user to take action, hence the name. Examples of strong CTA's are:

  • Join the 10,000 others already subscribed to our YouTube Channel
  • Listen to our latest song which already has 5,000 streams

We also talked about this in our recent article on how to get your music heard, don't beg people to listen, show them why they should want to listen to you.

Twitter Ad Types

Promoted Tweets

As an artist, this is a great introduction into sponsored Twitter content. Essentially all you do is promote an existing tweet to a new audience that isn't already following you. Unlike organic Tweets which rely on hashtags to reach a new audience, Twitter gives you the ability to a target specific audiences with promoted tweets.

Promoted Accounts

This is very similar promoting tweets but instead you promote your entire account a new potential audience that you can target. This is a great way to get on new people's timelines and have the chance to create new fans.

Automated Ads

This is a great option for artists looking to set it and forget it, as they say. Look, as an independent artists it isn't likely that you have an entire team working for you so you need to balance your time writing, recording, playing shows (if COVID ever ends), and growing your brand.

With Twitter Automated Ads you continue to regularly Tweet, and let Twitter's AI determine which Tweets to show and when to show them. You pay a monthly fee and Twitter does the rest.

There are certainly more ways to strategize and get more advanced when it comes to Twitter Ads, but for that, you can check out this great Twitter Ads Guide from Hubspot.

Ready to Grow Your Audience

There are certainly a set of unified best practices for any online advertising, but each platform offers a unique experience and opportunity to grow your fan base and take your career to the next level. You can put together the best strategy possible, but ultimately the data and results will dictate how you make future decisions.

Gary Vee once said the only way you can truly know something is to do it, and this applies here. Social media advertising is necessary to grow your following and brand and you now have the tools to get started. Set your strategy up and get to work.

Now, for those of you looking for more help and guidance, we have you covered. Check out our Free DNA Tool Kit and see how we can help you grow your audience.