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The Business of Music Podcast | De Novo Agency

Welcome to the music industry. Perhaps you know a bit of
music theory from some guitar lessons you took a while ago,
or maybe you learned to play piano by ear. Maybe you’ve
been using GarageBand recently to record some demos, or
maybe you’ve been producing in Ableton for a long time

You may have taken some classes in music production,
or maybe you watched a couple YouTube videos on how to
make trap beats. Perhaps you’re a rapper, a cellist, a singer-
songwriter. Any of these things could be true, or none of
them. But this is certain: you love music and you love to
make it.

Yet the world of music is a dynamic, ever-shifting landscape.
It is hard to predict and intimidating to navigate. It’s too
complicated to take on alone. So how do you take your
music hobby and turn it into a real, bona fide music
business? In the words of Bobby McFerrin, “Don’t Worry Be
Happy” because Elliot Tousley and James Landry of De Novo
Agency have the answers you’re looking for.

In their podcast
“The Business of Music” they break down what you need to
succeed in the music industry.

Don’t know the difference between a target
audience and a fan base? Elliot and James break
it down here.

Not sure whether you need a
copyright? Look no further. Only just now hearing
about the Music Modernization Act? Here's what
you need to know. Elliot and James touch on all
these topics and more.