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The Best Playlist Data Tool in the Music Industry

In the age of over-saturation in the music marketplace; artist managers, labels,  and musicians are finding it harder and harder to stand out and get their music  heard.

The record industry knows how crucial playlisting is. From crazy viral marketing sensations like Yeat. To the classic rollout of a staple like Taylor Swift. Getting on the right Playlist is essential to engaging a successful fanbase.

While there are hundreds of platforms and ways to distribute your music, Spotify is arguably most accessible and widely used for Playlisting.

Targeting the right playlist can be a game-changer for an artist's release. Playlist curators know this, so they often have their contact information available for musicians and artist managers seeking to get their music heard and grow their fanbase.

And this is where Playlist Supply, the Spotify playlist data software, comes into play.

Playlist Supply is a tool that allows artists and artist managers to search for specific criteria (i.e., Hip Hop, Workout, Studying) and find playlist curators within those criteria that also give out their contact information.

This actually saves hours upon hours of sifting through amateur playlist curators that don’t supply contact information, and (huge bonus points here) also allows musicians and artist managers to weed out shady playlist curators. Spotify can actually have your music removed for being playlisted with one of these shady curators, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Playlist Directory Feature

Better Results When You Save, Vet, Track and Submit to Fresh Quality Playlists

With Playlist Supply, not only can you search for playlists and curator contact information, but you can also save certain playlists in your database and monitor their growth, such as changes in follower count or track count. This helps users  stay up to date and keep an eye out for high-quality playlists without having to  keep going into Spotify.

PlaylistSupply also shows statistics you cannot see on Spotify, like monitoring changes in follower counts or how often a playlist is updated and a popularity score based on the artists’ popularity inside playlists.

Organic Playlist Search Feature

A Game-Changing New Way To Find The Highest Quality Verified “Discovered On” Playlists

The “Discovered On” section on Spotify is one of Spotify’s most underrated  sections. It shows the most active, high-traffic quality playlists that drive a  significant number of streams for an artist. It allows musicians and record label  managers to see the most extensive playlists that help artists get discovered  and rank based on monthly listeners. These playlists are also ranked well within  the Spotify Playlist algorithm.

PlaylistSupply’s Organic Playlist Searchfeature gives artists a revolutionary opportunity to directly target “Discovered On” playlists exclusively and save tons of hours of work when searching for the most quality Spotify playlists and  curators to market.

Organic Playlist searches are a way Playlist Supply specifically indexes Spotify’s high-quality “Discovered On” playlists, which get more organic streams and are  a top source for artist discovery. This “Discovered On” targeting is a game-changer for artists and managers pitching to Spotify Playlist owners without  wasting time and money on low-performing playlists.

Dropping music soon? Try PlaylistSupply today! Their team is available to help!

We highly recommend using PlaylistSupply as it has helped hundreds of artists  and artist managers in the music industry community. Record labels and artists worldwide use Playlist Supply to find the most relevant playlist curator contact  info available.

The PlaylistSupply Team is always available to answer any question or set up a  call to strategize! They are extremely helpful when it comes to helping artists  and management teams use Playlist Supply to its full potential.

They will also help you learn how to vet and sort playlists to remove low-quality playlists and target verified organic playlist curators with high-quality curated  content.

What are you waiting for? Get your music heard today with PlaylistSupply.