Yes we do!

On our checkout screen you will see a payment option called ZIP.

Zip is a partner of ours that charges no added fees and can break your payment into 6 installments.

Unfortunately we do not have a say in the payment limit that ZIP allows you to use.

The truth is, NO ONE can guarantee that an audience full of real human beings will listen to your song an exact, or estimated, number of times.

On Spotify, a listener must listen for at least 30 seconds in order to count as a stream.

Generally, a company that guarantees an amount of streams in their campaign is a red flag for bot activity.

For our Spotify campaigns, if you are accepted, we are able to guarantee a number of playlists you're placed in, the # of days you're placed in them, and an estimated total audience size for each campaign.


We partner with dozens of independent curators who have playlists on Spotify.

We have an extensive auditing system and we are always testing the curators we work with to ensure our 100% verifiable data guarantee.

De Novo Agency (DNA) is proud to use no bots, EVER.

This means 100% of the streams you earn while working with us will be entirely verifiable through your distributor, or in apps like Spotify for Artists.


Because our playlists have hundreds of thousands of followers who are actual human beings, not computers, all of the streams you earn while in our programs will earn you verifiable royalties.

Depending on who you have chosen as a distributor to get onto the streaming platforms may impact the levels in which you get paid.

It can take up to 90 days for streaming platforms to pay out their royalties, but typically you are able to deposit them into your personal account right away via your distribution partner.

We almost always get your songs placed on to all of its playlists within 72 hours.

The day after the songs are posted is when the streaming data will begin to appear on your Spotify for Artists app.

The timing of when we send you an invite to schedule your consultation calls(s) can vary slightly depending on your campaign, but typically the invites are sent during the third week of your campaign.

It is certainly much more likely, but we cannot guarantee anything when it comes to the Spotify algorithm.

Any company that guarantees you will be placed on algorithmic or editorial playlists on Spotify is 100% lying to you.

No. We work on a flat fee basis that allows you to keep 100% of what you earn while working with us.

No. James Landry, our co-founder, is an attorney, and can give general legal insight, but in order to be your attorney you would need to work with him directly through his law firm, not through De Novo Agency.

Yes, we are always looking to add to our playlist database!

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Use our Royalty Calculator here.

Once you are working with us we are big on getting returning-clients custom upgrades or discounts.

Also, we can offer bulk order discounts if you contact our team before ordering.

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