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Two Week Program


Two Week Program

This two week installment of the Spotify Outreach Program is a great way to get familiar with the program and affirm that the listeners in our audience are 100% verifiable.

We recommend this program for any artist who is looking to quickly get a better understanding of what types of listeners are drawn to their music.  The more you can learn about who listens to you, the more the Spotify algorithm can identify patterns to pair you with similar audiences - this is a great way to start grabbing the algorithm's attention.

What's Included:

  • Quickly place one song in front of ~12,000 organic listeners for 14 full days.
  • Guaranteed placement in 3-5 user-curated playlists on Spotify.
  • Typically* well-performing songs see about 5,000+ streams come in.
  • Earn and keep 100% of your royalties
  • You will be placed at the top of these playlists to begin, and gradually move down as the campaign progresses.

  • User data verified in Spotify for Artists & your distributor.
  • If your song is not accepted you will receive a full refund.

This program also helps an artist quickly test an audience to see if the song they’re promoting resonates with people and is worth putting more money behind.

As part of the program you will also receive the DNA Toolkit and our ebook, ‘6 Steps to a Profitable Fanbase’ for free!

Our Guarantee:

Our promise is simple: if your song is accepted into the program, the streams and user data generated from our playlists in Spotify will be 100% verifiable in Spotify for Artists and with your distributor for two third-party authentications. 

Once accepted the song is usually fully placed within 48 hours.

We hope this is the beginning of a long-term partnership with you and your music business.

*Please keep in mind that streaming activity is being negatively impacted by COVID-19. These numbers are consistently being updated to describe the changing environment. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews Write a review